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DesignER FAQ: With Beverly Voss

  • What are the advantages of working with a professional interior designer?

    Familiarity and access to new products, purchasing power with premium vendors and manufacturers and knowledge through education, to accommodate the all-important function of the design are all pros of hiring a skilled designer.

  • What are some important considerations when hiring a designer?

    You may want to select an interior designer with these following characteristics:

    • Is this an accredited interior designer?
    • Does this interior designer have experience in the type of project you are doing?
    • Has this interior designer demonstrated creativity, talent and resourcefulness?
    • Attentive, responsive communication skills (oral & visual) are important qualities of an interior designer to help you achieve your design objectives
    • Your interior designer has a record of reliability and good work habits, solid references
    • Solid business management is imperative as custodians of your invested monetary funds, and protectors of your home.
  • What are the most important initial questions you ask a new client?

    What is their objective(s) and what are their expectations of their designer. We respect the investment clients will make in their new home so key questions are presented to the client to learn of their lifestyles, listen to their needs and desires. It is essential to discuss budgets and costs and to reach an understanding. It is necessary to qualify your client as they qualify you.

  • How do you help a client find their style preferences in cases when they don’t have a clear idea beforehand?

    Listening.Today’s society is much more educated and when they come to me they usually have a good idea of what they want.┬áBut, when they don’t, my responsibility is to find that out via skilled communication and visual presentations. I stay current with new technology, new design techniques and the latest trends, which I bring to their attention to achieve the home of their dreams.

  • What drew you to this line of work initially?

    My love of art, appreciation of design, history, and working with people. I previously traveled extensively as an airline employee and was exposed to all of the above so, along with my education in interior design, it was a natural transition.

  • What have been some of your strongest influences to date?

    Inspiration is all around us and I have gained some of that insight from nature, fellow designers and mentors, professional educators, international product markets, world travel, my clients’ ideas and my own working experiences.

  • What inspires you now?

    I pride myself in staying current with the new developments in building & design such as lighting trends, smart appliances, functionality, architectural concepts, and more.

  • What are your favorite spaces to decorate?

    I cannot say I have a favorite. Variety and exposure to all types of design themes is what I desire. That is one of the rewarding challenges of the profession.

  • What are you passionate about outside of your work?

    I love to hike in the mountains with my dogs, walk with my dogs in Cherry Creek and gardening. And travel the world.

  • Personal motto?

    A thankful client and a new friend is my ultimate reward.

“It’s crucial for a contractor to have a reliable, talented interior designer as a partner and resource, and that’s exactly what Design One Interiors has been for me. I’m continually amazed at their level of knowledge about my job and responsibilities, which makes working with my clients and meeting their expectations so much easier.
Bottom line: The Design One Team is extremely professional and gifted, making me look great and adding value to my business credibility and offerings.”

— Liam Cassidy, Cassidy Homes, Evergreen, Colorado