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Here are some design ideas, our recent thoughts, experiences & local happenings we thought you would enjoy.

  • Modern Italian Kitchen Designs

    Written by Beverly, July 29, 2015

    artistic-modern-style-italian-kitchensThe Modern Italian Kitchen is a beautiful functional well designed kitchen made of high-quality materials and where functionality is first and foremost! The space-saving furniture designs will keep all the kitchen gadgets and utensils organized thus giving your kitchen a neat and clean look. What are your thoughts on the sleek Modern Italian kitchens? Photo via: (Read More)

  • The River of 5 Colors in Colombia

    Written by Beverly, July 20, 2015

    5-colores-river Algae at the bottom of fresh water allows nature to be the most colorful artist! ... (Read More)

  • Local Artwork in Breckenridge, CO

    Written by Beverly, July 04, 2015

    beverly-interior-design-denver I am off to the wonderful festivities that Breckenridge has to offer this Fourth of July weekend! An Interior Designer's job is never done! I have been commissioned by three of my clients to locate art for their homes! So this Fourth of July weekend our Breckenridge Main Street Station on the Blue River by our home has one of the best art shows in the country! I'm on the hunt for my clients artwork! ...... (Read More)