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Here are some design ideas, our recent thoughts, experiences & local happenings we thought you would enjoy.

  • Psychology of Furniture Placement

    Written by Amy, March 05, 2013

    Waiting room Furniture placementI bet you didn't know that more than just size and shape go into a furniture layout. When space planning we take many things into consideration. Of course the first thing to consider is the shape of the space and what it will be used for. But did you know there is a psychology behind furniture placement as well? The way humans interact has been studied for years and to ignore that would be dangerous. Let ...... (Read More)

  • Building codes

    Written by Amy, February 12, 2013

    Interior Design is more than just about aesthetics, "Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful for almost every type of building" Occupational Outlook Handbook. Safety in interior design is very important which is why building codes are in place, to protect the health and safety of occupants inside a building. Building codes are always being updated and it is our job as designe ...... (Read More)

  • Benign by Design

    Written by Amy, October 19, 2010

    These linked articles from the Catalyst (Part One and Part Two) are intended to alarm you!  But they also provide answers and avenues to a healthy home and work environment and discuss the team members or partners who can contribute the most toward the objective of preventative health and minimization of chronic diseases caused by environmental toxins.  Of course, it must all start with you, and your choi ...... (Read More)

  • Add Warmth to Your Bath with a Wooden Bathtub

    Written by Natasha, September 12, 2010

    For centuries, folks throughout Japan and Europe have been enjoying the soothing, cozy comforts that come from a wooden bathtub. Not only do they warm up nicely, but depending on the type of wood used -- ceder is a popular choice -- their aromatic properties can be lovely. Plus, wooden bath fixtures in general add a nice touch of rustic ambiance. 3Rings recently explored the rise of these luxurious tubs in ...... (Read More)

  • Green is Not Always Good

    Written by Beverly, July 19, 2010

    As reported recently in our industry's ASID Eye on Design Newsletter, sourcing the publication Interiors and Sources, we find this information to be quite important to maintaining a "Healthy Home". It is certainly not a concept unfamiliar to our team here at Design One Interiors, but one that needs to be re-iterated as frequently as possible: "In our haste to protect the planet, conserve natural resources, ...... (Read More)

  • Is an Indoor Air Purifier Right for You?

    Written by Natasha, June 04, 2010

    Honeywell Grill Style Air CleanerAmericans spend an estimated $250 million annually on air purifiers for their homes, with asthma and allergy sufferers responsible for most of the sales according to a recent report from But scientific studies and testing reveal that many purifiers aren't effective at all, and some may be causing harm. From The notion of purifying air has merit, however. T ...... (Read More)

  • Has Eco Thinking Gone Too Far With These Stiletto Heel Planters?

    Written by Natasha, May 13, 2010

    FreshHome wants to know how much is too much when it comes to eco design? This photo they posted caught our attention and asked what people thought when they saw the unusual make-over from Rachel Mahlke of Giddy Spinster--the mind behind the design. This is the response they got: “People are strangely attracted to the stiletto heel planters. I think the idea of upcycling unusual items is very much part o ...... (Read More)

  • EPA Announces New Energy Star Guidelines

    Written by Natasha, April 23, 2010

    From the Environmental Protection Agency: April 19, 2010 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing new, more rigorous guidelines for new homes that earn the Energy Star label. Compared to the current Energy Star guidelines, the new requirements will make qualified new homes at least 20 percent more efficient than homes built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code ...... (Read More)

  • EPA Issues Certification Regulation, Increases Lead-Safe Work Practices

    Written by Natasha, March 19, 2010

    EPATo better protect children from lead-based paint hazards, EPA issued a new rule for home improvement contractors and maintenance professionals who renovate or repair pre-1978 housing, child care facilities or schools. In short summary, the rule requires that by April 2010 contractors and maintenance professionals be certified, that their employees be trained, and that they follow protective lead-safe work ...... (Read More)